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    Allow me to question myself. Is the flight-sim-jewels forum a forum where you can say what you have on your mind – for the good of the community – or a forum where speech is heavily censored if you don’t in line with the spirit of the moderator, or even the Management?

    I want to believe that we can express ourselves in peace on the forum.

    First and foremost, I am grateful to the small add-ons and scenery development team for our favorite simulators for achieving this remarkable island scenery work in every way, and for the quality images.

    What interests a simmer first and foremost is to connect a point A with a point B, in altitude, by having a quality decoration under the feet. On this side, Flight Sim Jewels is certainly a Company that respects its commitments. Side quality / price ratio, it is perfectly honest all things taken into account.

    But each medal has its reverse and any verbal arrangement has its counterpart!

    I do not understand. I repeat: I do not understand that having seen such pleasant scenery, you have modeled with so much indifference, even recklessness, the airport terminals, in particular that of Tahiti-Faa’a (NTAA). In your software it has absolutely nothing to do – even remotely – with reality. You have done nothing less than lining up gray-black bricks in a semblance of an airport terminal! Some, less correct than me, will say that it is negligence.

    It has been a while since your work has been available to the public, I know that some have shared with you their disappointment when representing Faa’a airport and, I note, that you have not created a patch to completely redesign the images of the buildings in the terminal. Do you think this is very reasonable? Very professional ? Very attentive to customers?

    That you may not have been very sharp on the details of the airports of the Society Islands, still passes; Personally, I find them not too bad … well, they still give a general idea of ​​reality. But that the airport in the capital of Polynesia is in such a state is truly incredible. It is to show, towards the customers, a culpable detachment from your professional conscience.

    that’s what I wanted to tell you. If my speech goes through the cracks of censorship, I suspect I’ll pick up a volley of green wood from the site’s officials, making it clear to me that if I don’t like it, I can always go. hang me elsewhere. I’m used to this kind of ready-made answers. Having said that, my suggestion to modify the appearance of the airport installations of Tahiti-Faa’a has it a day (before Flight Simulator 2030 and P3Dv132 … :)) to emerge in our simu?

    Thank you for your reply.

    Be reassured, however, I still appreciate your Society Islands scenery as much,

    Best regards,


    Hi Kiruol,

    if you take a look to the last development news, in the sticky post, the improvement of NTAA is on our priority list and on its way. The development has been slow for a few months but now I can spend more time on it, so you can expect news about this more often.



    Hello to you

    And thank you for your reply.

    Indeed, I had passed through this post, and I thank you for putting the link.

    Forgive me, please.

    Your new scenery of Tahiti Faa’a airport will be appreciated by all admirers of Polynesia and by those who land very often on the island of Tahiti, whether they are with the “old FSX” or like me under P3Dv3.

    Thank you again for your answer,


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