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    Hi all flight sims entusiasts, the day has came and the new Society Islands version 1.0 is ready! During the last months I´ve been updating this scenery and the free addons that you can find in this site, designed to work all toghether to improve the overall experience.


    The Society Islands version 1.0 features:

    All terrain textures have been upscaled, using Nvidia´s super resolution and other AI neural networks based tools, from LOD15 (1.2 m/pixel) in the version 0.96 to LOD16 (0.6 m/pixel) in version 1.0. Still there is margin to improve the detail so in future releases I hope to reach 0.4 – 0.3 m/pixel in all the archipelago, as it is available in the airports area and surroundings (increasing its size for this version).

    While it is true that this increase in detail, where is most noticeable is in the closest views, from the version 4.4 of Prepar3D onwards there is an improvements in the rendering quality of the terrain, especially in the steep areas (even in the distance), so if you have any of these last versions, in the readme included with the scenery you can find the tips to make the most out of your simulator.

    The terrain textures are also improved in other ways, for example, manually cleaning artifacts to improve the street textures in Papeete and other places, etc.

    – Papeete downtown reworked.

    – Mount Otemanu In Bora Bora includes a new mesh and new textures, with special detail in the steep areas.

    – Revised watermasks, including more details or completly redone in many cases.

    – Night lighting introduced for this version, with new lamp posts effects, night terrain and object textures.

    – Waves effects, crashing in the coral barrier around the islands and atolls.

    – Vaimahuta and Faarumai waterfalls added in Tahiti.

    – Improved installer (check the installation instructions in the readme).

    – Improved the compression and resampling method, to achieve the better quality-size ratio and maximize compatibility with the latest versions of Prepar3D.


    Also all the freeware packages, designed to complement the sceneries are updated with new content, and a new one for the air traffic of these islands is included:

    Ocean hues: include new waves effects.

    Tropical autogen: new buildings textures, to complement the vegetation, and complete the autogen of this areas.

    Night Sky HD: to enhance the night flights in combination with the new nocturnal textures and effects.

    Air traffic for the Society Islands: with international and inter-islands flights.


    Although this new version (I think) looks pretty nice and is a step forward, my intention is to keep improving the areas where I can achieve more realism, as there are always new things that I learn that can be applied in the development. This future updates will focus in these main areas:

    • Terrain textures: as I explain above, still there is margin to increase the detail of the textures.
    • Mesh and autogen: recently I´ve been researching in this areas, finding very good results…
    • Airports: in the future I´d like to make a full revision ot the ground textures adding new HD textures and also focus in the 3D modelling at some point.

    I´ve already sent the emails to the scenery owners. If you don´t find it check in your junk mail folder or request it through the contact form, or by mail to:

    During the next days I´ll try to open the users registerings if you want to participate in the forum. It was closed for security, but I did it so well that I even could not register new users… ? Though I´ll keep the register by requests through the contact form (in right bar) for this reason. Also you can check our news through our FB site:

    Have a nice weekend,



    The Society Islands scenery keeps its development to include further improvements. The main focus is to make detailed buildings models of the Tahiti International Airport – NTAA. Here you can see the Fire station that is next to the control tower.

    This preview is work in progress so you can expect a better final result, but what is most important is that currently all the workflow is already designed. I am using Blender for the 3D and Substance Painter to bake the procedural PBR textures, because I think these are the programs with which I can get the better results. In addition, it can be exported to the new Flight Simulator 2020.

    Finally, the forums are open again. It is necessary to sign up in order to post, what can be done quickly through the registry button of the right sidebar.


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