Hawaiian Airports

PHMK Molokai

PHNY Lanai City


PHLU Kalaupapa

NPS Ford Island

PHJR John Rodgers Field

PHBK Barking Sands

HI01 Princeville

PAK Port Allen

PHMU Waimea-Kohala

PHUP Upolu

Hawaiian Airports by George Keogh

All runways, aprons, taxiways and buildings have been repositioned to their correct locations, and the scenery has been recreated based on photos of the real airports. The scenery features many animated objects including people, aircraft, animals, waves, cars, trucks and many more. Full night textures with light maps are included. The airports include slped flattens so they can also be used with high density mesh. The scenery also includes representative, and real interisland traffic schedules. All the scenery files have been sub-divided so they can be switched on or off according to user preference. It has been designed for, and tested in DX9 and FSXA only. Please enjoy, and I hope you like my scenery as much as I enjoyed building it.



These are the original standalone scenery packages, if you want to use these sceneries in combination with Hawaii Photoreal scenery, use the download link from:


Hawaiian Airports by George Keogh 1

Hawaiian Airports Part 1 features accurate recreations of the airports at PHMK Molokai, PHNY Lanai City, PHHN Hana, PHLU Kalaupapa, and JHM Maui West. The new hanger has been added to Hana and also the new fire stations at Lanai and Molokai.

Hawaiian Airports by George Keogh 2

Hawaiian Airports Part 2 features PHJR John Rodgers Field, PHBK Barking Sands, NPS Ford Island and PHNG Kaneohe Bay. These airports have long runways and can easily cater for the ‘heavies’, PHJR now acts as a backup to the main airort at PHNL Honolulu. Runway 04 at PHNG is a real challenge, and requires a 90 degree turn under the mountains.

Hawaiian Airports by George Keogh 3

Hawaiian Airports Part 3 features the airports at Princeville, Port Allen, Waimea and Upolu. HI01-Princeville and PAK-Port Allen are located on the island of Kauai, the film location made famous by Stephen Spielberg’s blockbuster, Jurassic Park. PHMU-Waimea and PHUP-Upolu are located in the North West of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island. This file also includes updates for Hawaiian Airports Part 2.